I found the Treasure Island of brokerages in Best Choice Realty. The flat fee commission structure, free CRM system and access to lead generation represent unheard of value in benefits!!  As a boutique brokerage, Rachelle and Eric are attracting the powerhouse agents into a non-competitive, supportive environment.  They have the acumen and business systems in place to support each individual agents efforts, while empowering each of us to take on and close tough deals...all while making money.  They get the process and are not shy in engaging with my well being, in my style of business!!  It gets better...The most amazing thing is the speed of direct responsiveness and support when deals start to go sideways.  WOW! Rachelle is incredibly knowledgeable and lightning fast in her responses.  These responses are concise and outline all the options and liability fault lines.  My business can boom in direct correlation with these insights and support efforts!

~Deanna Fulton|Best Choice Realty


I found about Best Choice Realty from a friend of mine who was moving to this office.  She suggested that I go talk to Rachelle and although I told her that I wasn't looking to change offices she convinced me to meet with her.  I was impressed by Rachelle's knowledge because she had been doing real estate since she was 18 yrs old, had purchased several rentals, managed other real estate offices and was now running her own company.  I showed up with some marketing materials that I was using at the time and Rachelle had suggestions on how I could improve it and save money in the process.  Rachelle has helped me create an amazing system that gets me multiple offers on my listings, she is there when I need help and have questions and I have never been able to stump her with unique problems that come up with some transactions.  I am very happy that I made the move and have recommended my office to other agents that I know.

~Michelle Darnell|Best Choice Realty


"If you are thinking about changing brokers, get on board with Rachelle!
I worked with her for two years and witnessed her strong and soft management style while managing 80 agents.  She is terrific.  Not only has she done it before, she already has the solution you are looking for.  She'll give you all the support you need, even doing showings with you, and she'll stay out of your way (unless your numbers need attention.)  She's a great leader and a great agent who will grow to be your friend.  Do it."

~John C.


"I highly recommend Rachelle for her knowledge and work ethic. I was a realtor at Zip Realty and Rachelle taught us agents a lot of great stuff about goals, life, hard work and how to be successful in the real estate industry. She really is Top notch and I am so glad to see she has opened her own brokerage. She is a great leader, friend and a fantastic person."

~Jennifer S.

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Best Choice Buzz
What are other real estate professionals saying?

"Rachelle was in a leadership position and acted as my Broker. She was knowledgeable, dependable, extremely helpful and a great mentor to me throughout the time we worked together. She always goes the second mile and is second to none in her abilities to provide the best service possible."
~Linda Breinholt


"Rachelle and I were colleagues for over 10 years and I had the opportunity to work with and get to know her very well. Rachelle is one of the most intelligent, forward thinking, honest and ethical people I know. She was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and was excellent in communicating her ideas to the rest of the team. I learned from her even when she wasn’t training me. It's truly been a pleasure knowing and working with Rachelle!"

 ~Lynn Anderson


"I would like to offer my highest recommendation for Rachelle Willhite. She is a fantastic real estate broker and a terrific manager. In this business, brokers wear lots of hats. A broker has to be a manager, an overseer, a customer service specialist, a trainer, a recruiter and perform other various tasks well. It's rare to find a leader that can perform all at the highest level, but I know from experience that Rachelle is one of those people. If I had to pick her strongest attribute, it would certainly be the ability to create great agents. She is an extraordinary agent and sales person in her own rite, and she pours herself into the agents she manages giving them an easy to follow blueprint to achieve the same success she has."  

 ~Ray Garrett


"I want to thank you so much for ALL of your assistance and support!  I truly feel so welcome and at home here at Best Choice.  You are a great team of resources!  And thank you for the VERY fast deposit...truly an amazing group!   I look forward to closing these properties and the next round.  Please let me know if I'm missing or doing anything incorrectly!  I will absolutely recommend Best Choice to ANYONE I meet or know in Real Estate as you all are a world class group!"   

 ~Annie Neumiller


"Shannon, it is pleased and pleasure to work with you, and be the team. You did a great job. We are honored to be here. Will tell my friends more about team. They would love to transfer too. We all work so so hard to this field.  Best Choice is the best!"

 ~Tim Lee