Umbrella Learning was established in 2014 with the goal of providing the most innovative and current education while still training in a traditional format. This “personal” contact is essential for real-estate brokers who must understand the changing technology but still provide personal client interactions. This school is approved under chapter 18.85 RCW; inquiries regarding this or any other real estate school may be made to the Washington Department of Licensing, Real Estate Program, P.O. Box 9015, Olympia, Washington 98507-9015. All Continuing Education courses meet the specific requirements of Washington State to fulfill real estate clock hours. Most continuing education classes are offered live at our business office location in Tukwila, although partnering offices are sometimes utilized for convenience to students at locations around Western Washington. 

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Registration for correspondence courses may be done in person, by telephone, mail or online. Attendance at a scheduled classroom program does require pre-registration. All fees will be paid prior to beginning a course. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in clock hour classes and there are no age requirements affecting admission.  However, the Washington Department of Licensing cannot issue a real estate license to anyone under the age of 18.


The number of classroom hours is established by law and no absence is considered excused for a classroom session.  Students are expected to arrive on time for class with proper materials. Timed record-keeping begins and ends when the instructor designates a class starts and ends. Students who are unable to continue classes for medical reasons or severe or personal problems will be required to take a leave of absence until they are able to return to class. Proper documentation will be required to substantiate a student’s withdrawal. If students are enrolled in an online course, no classroom attendance is required.




Students are expected to conduct themselves under “accepted rules of conduct.” The following examples are considered unacceptable:


Satisfactory progress for all classroom courses is based on attendance at every class session and on participation of quizzes designed to emphasize key points of each course. The nature of the classes is pass/fail for clock hours; no minimum grades exist. The program maintains a Student Progress Record on each student which contains the progress of classes attended. This record is also available to the student who retains a copy. If the course is missed/interrupted by a student, the course needs to be re-taken.

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