What does Best Choice Realty charge? A flat $495 transaction fee. There is a small E&O fee of $35 per transaction, not to exceed $280 per year.


Most 100% firms charge a monthly fee for un-used service. Other firms charge fees such as transaction fees, desk fees, website fees, lead fees, franchise fees as well as a ridiculously high split to the brokerage. We have heard of brokers making more than their agents! This is not the case at Best Choice Realty. Productive agents have flocked to us because of our different philosphy.


We understand that agents at our firm work hard for their clients and deserve a better commission plan. One of the most-asked questions is, “How does your company make money when offering so many services for such a low commission split and no additional fees to your agents?” The answer is simple. We offer a company that operates on volume because of the high production of our agents. The more our agents are successful, the more services we are able to offer, and the more profitable we become.   




Gone are the days where you wait weeks or months for your real estate commission check. All our agents are on direct deposit, making payments seamless. With a highly effective and organized payroll system, we join other efficient firms with strong payroll systems. As long as all transaction documents are loaded for the broker to review upon funding, Best Choice Realty will pay agents within 1 to 2 business days.


Best Choice Realty knows that you want to be paid fairly, quickly and not nickel-and-dimed to death. Our productive agents demand best-in-class tools instead of a collection of outdated solutions that worked in the past, but aren't relevant today.




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