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In today's real estate market, clients are savvy on the internet. They do their home search with Google, Zillow, Bing or other popular sites to see which homes are for sale before they even talk to an agent or walk into a fancy corner office of a large brokerage. Home buyers and sellers spend hours and hours looking at homes on the web. They don't particularly look at where the best real estate brokerage is but look for the BEST AGENT who can help them gather information and negotiate the details. Agents who believe only in a traditional real estate brokerage are missing out on opportunities. Being a productive real estate agent is about getting YOUR name out and marketing YOUR services to the consumer. If you are a people person with business sense, you will be successful regardless if you choose a name brand brokerage, a franchise or a 100% brokerage. The best option to reach your goals is to choose a brokerage that supports you in every aspect of your business and pays you equitably for your work.


A Brokerage that Supports You

At Best Choice Realty, we support our agents with our comprehensive support, unmatched lead conversion methods, and 100% split.  This is why productive agents choose to join us.


Comprehensive Support
The broker is available for assistance and consultation and will be accessible by phone, text, or email 7 days a week and during evenings. If more agent development is needed, a one-on-one business consultation can be scheduled. An office manager will schedule a convenient time for an in-person meeting with the Designated Broker. Support is essential to an agent's success in the real estate business and at Best Choice Realty. As your production increases you will also need support from experienced transaction coordinators and marketing assistants. Best Choice Realty has trained support staff to assist you during different phases of your career growth.


Unmatched lead conversion methods

With over 20 years experience working internet leads and creating successful methods and tools, Best Choice Realty has discovered the best communication, follow up strategies, and templates to convert all types of leads. Whether you want additional help in understanding how to get more bang for your buck with marketing you are doing, or working your current database of leads, our broker understands these sources and will assist you with your goals and plans.


100% split

What does Best Choice Realty charge? A $495 transaction fee. Check out more information here for our ratesservices and why 100%.

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Why Best Choice Realty?