BEST CHOICE REALTY is more EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and, therefore, more AFFORDABLE than any other brokerage. Many top producers that have joined our firm have experienced a significant increase in their personal business. It will be my personal pleasure to also assist you attaining your real estate goals. I hope that you will review our brokerage, compare it to what your current brokerage offers, and then make a decision based on what is BEST for you, your family, and your business.

Thank you,

Rachelle Willhite

Founder & Designated Broker

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The Future of Real Estate Today...Productive Agents and Teams


Join a growing 100% commission real estate brokerage in Washington and start keeping 100% of your real estate commission! Best Choice Realty offers an extensive list of benefits for our top real estate brokers. Strong leadership, innovation and our ability to understand agent and client needs are the keys to our success.  Our technology, training, education, support and leading 100% commission program allow our agents to make more money and spend quality time with their clients and families. Best Choice Realty has reduced costs commonly associated with traditional real estate brokerages. This provides a higher financial return to the agent.


Over the past few years, we recognized that the top real estate agents have become the backbone of the industry - not the real estate brokerage. Consumers require expertise to facilitate real estate transactions and our agents have market information that buyers and sellers depend on to make informed decisions. Productive real estate agents also keep up-to-date with local changes and local attractions. It is the job of the productive real estate agents to utilize their expertise to analyze and deliver local market information in a way the consumer understands. Top agents who provide this type of service should be rewarded for their efforts - not their brokers.


A Note From our Founder


After getting a 50% split on sphere of influence leads and understanding over 25 local real estate firm's expensive compensation plans, I decided to look for another place to "hang" my license. As one of the top agents in my firm, I was very frustrated to see how much money agents were paying their brokers for so few services. There was also an influx of successful third party lead sources available to agents. Brokers were retaining the agent's hard earned marketing efforts with hefty splits. With a strong business background and a unique understanding of lead generation in real estate, I was unable to find a brokerage that met all my expectations. It became clear I would need to open a brokerage in Washington that offered more for productive agents and teams. My dream was to bring agents into the firm, like myself, who continually have the desire to stretch their goals. After several offers to assist other brokerages harness the power of lead conversion and improve sales teams, I felt the "Best Choice" for me was to open a 100% brokerage focused on experienced agents and providing excellent customer service. 


It took almost 6 months to create a simple and inexpensive system that provides the services real estate agents need on a daily basis to rise to the top. Reflective, responsive to change, and results oriented were traits that helped me develop an organized and uncomplicated brokerage for productive agents. With an experienced broker and systems designed for sucess, you have an entirely new real estate brokerage.


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National Association of Realtors 2010 Member Profile Reported about 1 out of 4 Realtors were with a 100% Commission Company. Those on a 100% plan also had the highest incomes. 
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